Coconut From Thailand

     Coconuts are one of the significant products for Thailand’s market because it is able to generate huge income for Thai. Coconut is a particularly well-known product in the tropics. Remarkably, when you go to the beach, the first thing that comes to your mind is coconut. It is not only just the beach but also anywhere that is hot because coconuts can make you fresh as an appetite quencher and also aid increase endurance to keep the body awake. It is one of the commodities popular in Thailand. So, there are three things that fascinating about coconut from Thailand.

Thai coconut price is the preeminent thing that I would like to communicate because the movement of the price is pretty good, it will the different rate of price each day but not too much different. In addition, you will see that coconut’s rates between small size and large size are not different rates too much in the present; it was 14 Thai baht [0.45 USD] to 20 Thai baht [0.64 USD]. In 2019, coconut is considered the economic base its able to occurring a record high in 5 years. Moreover, consumers still display mighty demand for coconuts.


Thai coconut beverage is the best tasting drink. Most vendors usually use it to make a smoothie, which celebrated with many Thai and foreign people in Thailand. In addition, coconuts are also processed into many other products, such as coconut snacks, coconut oil, coconut cream, and so on. There are many business people who have processed coconuts into various products. Particularly, they bring to make many beverages and add more flavor to the coconut water drink such as melon, banana, coffee, chocolate, and et al. However, people invariably drink conventional coconut water more than coconut transform. There is another drink that is supposed to be a favorite of many people. It is coconut flesh steeped in coconut water, it can extinguish quench their thirst and stay refresh as well. There is someone of them that may be added a little sugar to make it sweeter but someone may be chosen sweet as the natural sweetness. In addition, we can see common this beverage in the market in Thailand. Moreover, Thai people also referred to cook coconuts, both of the main dishes, and sweets dishes. There are use both coconut water and coconut flesh, it is called coconut milk, which gives both the aroma and naturally sweet. People can find foods that handle coconut milk as a component in markets in Thailand.

Finally is the coconut exporter, the current importers and exporters of coconut products must ensure that the product quality enough to be imported or exported. The quality of the coconut is a very important determinant for them. Therefore, the selection of coconuts is very important because if you poor decisions, it will have an impact on business. Currently, coconuts in Thailand were exported to many countries especially China because coconut’s fat can provide energy and warmth to the body. Although, the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) epidemic, there is the export of coconuts have little impact since it is summer.  As a result, many countries require a lot of coconuts until causing the coconut deficiency crisis due to insufficient production for the market.  As for the opponent of the coconut export market, there will be a few main competitors such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, etc. However, Thailand is still number one in the international demand because Thailand’s coconut is sweet and fragrance more than other countries.

Overall, we are able to see that the coconut market is huge open and able to recognize as a fruit that is popularly acquired from Thai and foreigners. Since the price in Thailand may not be very high if we compare with other countries. Therefore, Thai will usually process and cook a lot of food from coconut. As a result, we can see coconuts in the usual market in Thailand. Therefore, business people decide to export more in order to obtain better prices. However, the quality achieved must also engage the standard of export. It is not only coconuts but also according to exports of coconut’s products and coconut’s beverages too. That will help promote coconut marketing in Thailand and abroad as well.


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