Tamarind is widely used as secret ingredient in many food especially in tropical foods. Sometimes we never know that kind of food use tamarind as the main ingredients.

For example, Thai food such as papaya salad, Thai noodle (Pad Thai), or Spicy Soup with Shrimp (Tom Yum Koong) all of them use tamarind as one of the main ingredients.

In some countries, tamarind is also used as ingredient in many food. Some people use tamarind seed for special purpose food, too.

Sweet Tamarind 100% Seedless

Tamarind from Thailand is the most famous fruits. Our seasons start from March until September of every year. The first crop of fresh tamarind start from January to February. And this make customers to reserve supply every year.

Tamarind Seed

We supply many kinds of tamarind as follows:

  1. Tamarind Seed
  2. Sour Tamarind seedless (1-5% seed left)
  3. Sour Tamarind without seed (100% no seed)
  4. Sweet Tamarind without seed

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