About Us

Progress Thai Trading Co., Ltd.

We are the export import company of consumer products from Thailand. We cooperate with partners from many countries to serve them the good quality products with international standard. 

With specialization in product sourcing and development, export procedure and logistics, we can supply high quality products with reasonable price, fast response and flexible service to customers in many countries in Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Latin.

Company Background

Progress Thai Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, located in Urban area of Bangkok Thailand. It was founded by the co-owner, Mr. Anusorn Lertpattanakul.

With the experience of working with MNCs in FMCG, Retailing and Marketing, the owners have seen the strengths of high-quality sources of produce with high standard of production of Thai products. Many of Thai products have good quality and strong demand worldwide but unexposed to the world. We found that bringing Thai products worldwide is the great opportunities to importers worldwide to do business and make profit in their own countries.

Thus, our company was established to serve this business. We support importers in sourcing Thai products to worldwide.

Our Missions

We have mission to provide the right products to our consumers and make high profit to our customers (importers / trading company).

Business Profile

  • Member of Department of International Trade Promotion of Thailand (DITP)
  • Member of Thai Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of Thai Customs Department
  • Member of Department of Foreign Trade

Our products

We sell the food and agriculture products from as much as natural as we can to support both domestic and international customers. Our products consisted of various types of food, health, and wellness products.

Product Categories:


food and beverage

health, beauty and wellness

apparel and fashion


Some sample categories are:

Fresh fruits: coconut, tamarind, pineapple, papaya, banana, mango, durian.

Canned food: tuna, pineapple

Fruit products: De-hydrated or Dried Fruits, Juice.

Fruit snack: Fried fruits, Vacuum Fried Fruits, and Freeze-Dried Fruits.

Seafood snack: dried fish, dried shrimp

Nuts and kernels: cashew nut, peanut

Agriculture products: rice, tapioca

International Quality Standard

The product quality and standard are our first concern. We provide the original and authentic food and agricultural products to our consumers. Our international standard composed of GMP, HACCP, ISO Certification, Halal etc.

Our Service & Specialization

We have varieties of products in food and agriculture. Our assortments are deep and wide. Our specialization is variety of products and adaptable quantity supplies.

Moreover, we can serve different type of packaging and market support. We work hard to respond to our customers’ customized demand from bulk to good packaged products. We can sell in both bulk pack for reselling and retail pack for consumption, with selective choice of either our brand or your own brand.  

With specialization in product development, export procedure and logistics, we are ready to serve you with fast response and flexible service. Our customers can order and get products as one-stop-service.

We can supply you in small amount in the beginning to reduce risk of business starting. Our business policy is to build long-term partnership with our customers.We accept small minimum order to serve the small Importers and newly setup entrepreneur who want to do international trading.

Business Cooperation

We look forward to meeting and cooperate with buyers from worldwide to serve the most natural products to the whole world. We have partners and customers from many countries such as Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, Pakistan, Taiwan etc.

Please contact us via different channel as follows:

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